How to beat a slot machine according to Sun Tzu

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Let’s be honest if you knew 100% how to beat a slot machine, this kind of casino game would not exist. As my grandmother says, nobody gives four pesetas a hard time. But what does exist is learning a certain slot machine strategy. And this is what we are going to deal with in the next few minutes.

Before the arrival of online casino there was already a lot of talk about tricks to win in slots. There were many theories that talked about how to win at the slot machines in bars in the 90s. It was a time when there were slot machines in all bars and restaurants. Some people talked about tricks to win in casino slots etc…

In short, it is a topic that has been on the rise for many years. However, we can assure you that there are no perfect slot strategies. There are tricks to decrease possible losses and increase potential rewards, so let’s get started!

How to beat a slot machine

I realized long ago that one of the great books of history can serve to improve many aspects of everyday life. Yes, also in our goal of how to make money on slot machines. We are talking about the classic The Art of War by Sun Tzu. If you haven’t read it, it’s already taking a while to get a copy. Let’s unravel some tricks or strategies for slot machines through quotes from this masterpiece.

The best victory is to win without fighting

If you have been on a negative streak playing slot machines, don’t play any more to change the situation. As you know the gusts are not mathematically demonstrable but they do exist. Set yourself a loss limit. You can set the amount. But do not exceed that amount, as it is well known by all the sensation of believing that with the next roll we will manage to recover all the losses. And… you lose again. Stop in time. It will be a victory.

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Know the enemy and yourself

This is a summary of a longer quote that has served me well in many areas. In the case of slot machines it is easy to demonstrate.

On average, a slot machine has an average return to the player of 95%. In other words, for every $1 bet, $0.95 will return to the player. The online casino margin is 5%. 

Another concept you should be aware of is the RTP (return to player) which usually ranges from 90 to 96% depending on the slot machine you play.

Finally, to complete our knowledge of our enemy to be beaten we should know the volatility. If a slot machine has a high volatility it means that it will not give many prizes to the player, but these prizes are very high. On the contrary, if it is an online slot with a low volatility it will give many prizes but of a smaller amount.

If you are considering how to beat a slot machine, you should know what kind of player you are. How do you act while playing? Even if we don’t give it much thought, the behaviour of us, the players, while playing will have a big impact on the final result of our slot machine experience. Impulsive? Cold? Get to know yourself and manage to enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

You must ponder and deliberate before making a move

Don’t bet on crazy and no slot machine strategy. You must know your budget in advance. We know that the highest bets will assure you a bigger prize. Yes, the kind of bets that appear in TV commercials. But that is not often the case.

That’s why, if you don’t have a high budget, the best thing is to play with minimum bets until you manage to double or triple your assigned budget. From then on, you can go in search of the big prize. And if you don’t succeed, at least you know that your spending has been limited. This is one of the great formulas of how to beat a slot machine. 

Another advice to beat a slot machine is not to bet the profits. Have you won a little money? Then put it away. Do not bet with it again. That way, when your budget runs out, you will have managed to keep your prize safe.

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