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Buster Blackjack: Playtech game review

Buster Blackjack: Playtech game

Their product Buster Blackjack is a demonstration of how innovations can be introduced to an age-old game without changing its basic rules. Buster Blackjack can be played like any classic variant with the difference that it provides you with the option of Buster side bets that help you win when the dealer busts.

As we have mentioned, the basic rules of the game are not very different from the ones we already know, however, the Buster side game needs a separate explanation, so in our presentation we will dedicate a few special paragraphs to it. Beating the dealer is as much a matter of luck as it is of good knowledge of the game, so we’ll give you some tips on how to increase your chances of winning with basic strategy. We’ll provide you with links to online casinos with great promotions where you can play this and more quality games with great prizes.

Take a look at the details

In the Buster Blackjack version there are no differences in the basic rules compared to the traditional game, so learning the new features is much easier. What you won’t find in any other variant of the famous card game are the Buster bets, which bring you extra winnings if the dealer busts.

When you start the game, a message is displayed offering you to choose your desired betting limits. Once you have set your range, bets are placed as in any other game, by placing chips of the chosen value in the specially marked places.

On this table you can play up to 5 hands, for every normal bet you have placed you can opt to place a Buster bet, note that this is only available when you have already placed a normal bet. With Buster you are betting on the dealer to check and the more cards he has in his passed hand, the more profit you will receive. In the best case scenario, if the dealer busts with 8 or more cards and you have a blackjack the payout is 2000:1.

Of course, this rarely happens and we cannot promise you with certainty that you will receive a win of such an amount.

How to get the best results?

Card games have a very high return to player compared to other casino games. Slots almost never exceed 97% and roulette games range from 97% to 97.30%, while card games usually have an RTP of around 99.60%. This higher figure is determined by the very nature of the game and the greater chance of playing with a strategy. In the image below we provide you with an optimal strategy, which ensures lower risk and decreases the dealer’s advantage. Following this line of play the RTP of Buster Blackjack reaches 99.58%.

Try the game without losing money

Knowing the rules and strategy in theory does not yet make you a good player, mastery comes with practice and we advise you not to take too many risks at first until you feel confident and familiar with all the tricks of the game. Apart from the welcome bonus we have already mentioned, Sportium casino is giving away $10 just for signing up, without any deposit and we see this as the perfect opportunity to get access to the game.

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