Mobile access without mobile, VR and 3D animation: where the global online gambling market is heading

VR and mobile technologies

Many Internet users and ordinary citizens are sure that online casinos only do harm. They believe that they are created solely to make money from gullible players. However, in reality, this is not at all the case. Analyzing recent years in this area, it is safe to say that online casinos have a fairly noticeable impact on the development of modern technologies. What is the fact that now you can play, for example, a huge amount of cutting-edge games in leading casinos for free? So, Casino Chan Casino is a great example of how technology has fruitfully impacted the entire platform, and this is far from an isolated case.

VR and mobile technologies

Virtual reality has also entered the foreign segment of online casinos, opening new channels for players to conveniently access gambling products. It is known that this technology, through the use of a special headset, give the user the opportunity to immerse themselves in a classic game, experiencing the same impressions as visiting a land-based gambling establishment.

More accessible now are mobile devices, into which developers are implementing games that are fully consistent with their PC counterparts and classic, outdoor versions. Most often, users are interested in three areas: online casinos, online poker from well-known poker rooms, and sports betting in licensed bookmakers. As for lottery operators, in the wake of quarantine, they are actively moving businesses into the digital space and creating appropriate applications.

Blockchain and mobile access without smartphones: everything for the sake of customer comfort

Blockchain technology allows not only to preserve the anonymity of users of foreign gambling sites but also does not take so much time in carrying out transactions without third parties in comparison with standard operations where fiat currency is involved.

If you follow the statistics on foreign players, it becomes clear that the most common tokens are used in this direction: BTC, Ethereum, and Tether. There are also separate coins created for gambling. According to CryptoGamblingNews, FUN is currently the most popular of them. It is already known that bitcoin casinos have low fees, and the blockchain technology itself creates conditions for fair play due to the impossibility of falsifying data.

3D animation and live dealers conquering the Asian market

Indeed, it is difficult to argue with decisions that directly affect the receptor mechanisms inherent in each person. 3D animation came to the gambling industry from video games. Nowadays, foreign platforms offer animated 3D slots on a variety of themes, from the Wild West and traditional fruit themes to the player’s immersion in outer space. Often, developers also take on world-famous stories. There are also more interesting cases when the slot is based, for example, on the story of Count Dracula.

Live dealers are one of the problems that the authorities of China and the Philippines are now actively struggling with. A feature of these casinos is that the game can be played remotely when the client and the dealer are in different parts of the world, and communication takes place through online broadcasting. It is known that the most common games in live casinos are roulette, baccarat, which are especially popular in Asian countries, and blackjack, which is more typical for European players.

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