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Online roulette

It is obvious that the main advantage of playing online roulette is convenience. The game is exactly the same but what changes is the betting experience. Instead of having to battle for a place at the table, endure the nudges of fellow players, listen to the shouts of gamblers and waste time queuing for chips, we can place as many bets as we want by simply placing the mouse over the number, pressing the button for as many casino chips as we want to bet and that’s it, we’re in.

Generally, roulette wheels offer the possibility of “repeat the last play” so that if we have been unlucky, with just one click, the software remembers the betting pattern we have made and automatically places the chips again, which saves us a significant effort.

On the other hand and thanks to the advance of technology, we can participate in this entertainment not only from our computer, but also from our mobile, iPad or any device that connects to the network, which gives us the chance to do it from different places (read a friend’s house, in a traffic jam, at the airport before boarding a plane, etc.).

Live Roulette on your Mobile

Live roulette can also be enjoyed on a mobile phone.

When we engage in a game of online roulette, we don’t see what the other players are doing. It’s us, the wheel and the cloth, which allows for greater concentration and an even better gaming experience.

As much as we are in the 21st century, we know that there are those who are hesitant about computerised roulette (it’s crazy but it happens) and prefer a real, flesh and blood person to be the one who spins the ball. For that select group of people, there is a solution called Live Dealer Roulette, which brings them the best of both worlds. That is, the convenience of home gaming (online gaming) and the involvement of human beings in the process (live gaming).

Let’s take a look at how Live Roulette works

Somewhere in the world, a real roulette table and a real dealer are waiting for you to take your seat (figuratively as you do it from the comfort of your home). Then that casino uses streaming technology so you can watch the table action live but – and here’s the exceptional part – place your bets on your computer screen.

Basically you bet on your screen via your mouse, but the shot that will determine whether you win or not is made by a real person, adding, for those who need it, even more transparency to the action.

You even have the option to interact with the croupier via chat, so you can chat as you participate in the event, although we recommend that this does not become a distraction as this is one of the mistakes that prevent you from succeeding in winning at roulette.

But not all that glitters is gold when it comes to live roulette. Sometimes, the main advantage turns into a disadvantage, as because the shot is made by a human being, the time between balls tends to increase, making the game a little slower.

As we explained, you must take a seat at the table. Many times, these will already be full, so you will end up with the same problem you would have if you were playing live. Lack of space at the table. This problem cannot be remedied as quickly as it would be in traditional online roulette, since “enabling” a new table involves a new streaming stream and a new dealer, so the number of tables is usually pre-delimited.

However, casino operators are aware of these problems and usually, knowing the peak hours of traffic, they have enough tables to be able to circumvent the mishap described above.

Undoubtedly, another benefit of playing live roulette is the bonuses offered by the operators. In order to encourage gambling and help the bankroll of bettors, bookmakers usually have “bonuses” that they give to their customers, making the gaming experience even more fruitful for the user.

This is how you will come across signs that will appear as soon as you log into your casino or perhaps receive the offer by email, warning you that if you deposit a certain amount, your playing funds will be doubled, tripled or simply that if you play a certain amount of balls, you will be entitled to a certain prize.

Conclusion on Live Roulette

If you are looking for speed, reliability and above all comfort, online roulette is all you need to have a great time from the comfort of your own home. As there are no humans involved, the time between balls is shorter, which translates into a higher number of spins per hour.

However, if you are still one of those who think that online roulette is not very reliable, live roulette is your solution. After all, it provides the best of both worlds. A human being in charge of the shot and the technology so you can bet from your screen.

Use the bonuses (great tool for the player) and enjoy the thrill of the game, from the privacy of your own home.

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